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cyenobite just asked me about this, and I realize I don't know my Providence restaurants as well as lots of other folks do. If you have any suggestions for getting a taste of the local flavor, please post here!

Andrian Paquette: In Pawtucket: Check out Cafe Lila on Main Street for coffee, drinks, homemade ice cream and light faire: For an evening beer: Doherty's East Ave. Pub:
Peter Landry: I'll throw Julian's out there for Providence based options as well.
James Weaser: Hi, my name is James. I am web developer of IQmango team, now we are working on free dvd burning software and we are interesting to join your conference.

Thu, Apr 11 at 11:08AM (6 comments)

The Retro-Computing Society of RI will be holding an open house at the Atlantic Mills on Sat. Aug. 20th from 1-8pm We'll be working on Symbolics Lisp Machines, NeXTstations and the DEC LAB-K.

Wed, Aug 10 at 9:56AM (0 comments)

mikeu posted DC401 Aug. meeting

I'll be giving a talk at DC401 next week: "The intersection of antique clocks and modern precision timekeeping."

Thu, Jul 28 at 8:27PM (0 comments)

The Retro-Computing Society of RI is a computer museum located in the Atlantic Mills in Olneyville. We hold a public open house on the third Saturday of each month from 1-8pm. Drop by and see some big iron from the early days of computer history. Visit the website for details and directions:

Sat, Jul 16 at 11:55AM (0 comments)

Brian Jepson posted Maker Faire RI 2010

Coming soon... less than two weeks. See for all the details!

Mon, Aug 16 at 9:26PM (0 comments)

✩ evonne heyning ∞ posted Next Year!

Sorry this didn't pop on our radar until last minute...some of our crew lived in Providence for years but we're now in Los Angeles producing the Lightning Temple and touring around to festivals. We took our beta instrument to Maker Faire in San Mateo in 2009 and we're planning to bring the whole stage out for 2010 -- perhaps we can work out a trip back to the east coast for your 2010 Maker Faire RI! Your workshops looked GREAT btw, hope to get th... [read more]

Sun, Sep 20 at 9:38PM (0 comments)

The main Maker Faire RI site ( very little info. Is there a better schedule of events somewhere? Where are the descriptions of the individual Slater Mill Maker Faire workshops? The Slater Mill site has a calendar listing the workshops ( and an overview ( but no real info.

Brian Jepson: Very sorry about the delay on the workshops. We've just finalized the bulk of the schedules and I'll be loading them into this site over the course of this evening.
Rich Schelin: Is there anything special I have to do to attend/save my spot? I've got an hour+ commute down and I'd be a tad upset to drive 2 or 3 hours and not be able to attend the session I want. I have already added the sessions to my "schedule"...does that ac... [read more]
Brian Jepson: Hi Rich, Clicking "Add to my schedule" reserves a spot. If you return to you'll see the total number of registered attendees for each workshop and the number of slots available. - Brian

Sun, Sep 13 at 9:43PM (3 comments)